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UltraVanilla Times or UVT is the USUV funded UltraVanilla newspaper, run by it's employees and the USUV elected reporter.

UVT sells copies of the newspaper at about 1 diamond a piece in Borealis. You can also get them delivered to your hometown if it has a post office and you find out how the heck U-Mail works. You can only find UVT in libraries.

UVT was always a one-person endeavor, which throughout its short life produced an awesome map art and one issue, the first ever.

be not afraid, the second issue has existed for a very long time now. i have given the original unsigned copy to stevecraftsblocks, and done a backup for myself. there are a ton of pages in a book, and i'll see how much i can fill UVT #2: 100 pages, 2 copies

Employees of UVT

USUV Elected Reporter: herm

(although herm was originally elected the USUV reporter has changed multiple times, but no-one else has taken charge of the corpse of UVT)