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What is Tesco?

Tesco is a grocery chain available for UV Towns to have that sells grocery products of all varieties. An alternative chain named 'Tescommunist' is also available offering similar services under Barter trade mechanisms for towns within the Comrades Union

Update notice:

Tesco as a business, and all the locations planned for it, will be sold as part of the next upcoming auction.

Tesco - Shops

There are due to be multiple Tesco stores as part of the chain mechanism.

Under Construction

Tesco NoBo

A small Tesco sublocation due to be located inside of the Bass Borealis store in NoBo. Opening in August 2023

Tesco AC/DC

The flagship Tesco store located at the AC/DC complex in Alliance City. Due to be serving the building and nearby areas with grocery facilities from September 2023

Tesco Express Sin City

The first Tesco location to open as a small store inside of the Plaza Tower in Sin City. Opening July 2023


Tesco Borealis

Tescommunist - Shops

Tescomunist stores function identically to Tesco in terms of stock and style. Their unique attribute is being barter trade mechanisms to accomodate towns within the Comrades Union

Under Construction

Tescommunist Express Rotherhythe Station


Under Construction