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Founded by lcvezra on 19 February 2019.


Mercy was founded on 19 February 2019, being one of the oldest settlements (exact place isn't known, but it is thought to be the 3rd oldest.) It was built near Vault 11, and started off as lcvezra's farm, eventually more people settled in such as PintSizedRogue, MelonBot and TechnoNinja64. Over time, more and more people joined, but due to people leaving and the promise of newer towns (such as Terni), it became inactive.


Map of Mercy, July 2020.

Community Farms

The Community Farms in Mercy are an underground farming facility.

Inside them, there are villager markets and the Farms have most growable things, excluding cactus and possibly a few others.

So far, the farms include:

  • Automated Sugar Cane Farm
  • Automated Chicken Farm
  • Automated Pumpkin Farm
  • Manual Wheat, Beetroot, Potato, Carrot and Sugar Cane farms (bottom level.)