Brewery Plugin

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GENERAL INFORMATION (this article is still being written)

The brewery plugin is one of few plugins on the server. It is used to make a variety of drinks, mostly alcoholic ones. Each drink has a very specific recipe and process to make it and the drinks have a variety of effects. The plug in also allows for custom brews to be made, but only by Akoot_. The plugin comes with more than just the addition of the drinks as there is equiptment needed to brew, and all alcoholic ones make you a drunk which causes special in game effects.


To brew you first need a cauldron of water with a campfire burning under it, right click the ingredients into the cauldron to start the "Boiling" process, not all items in the game may be placed in a cauldron and one being able to doesn't mean it is used. Each recipe needs a different amount of time to boil, there will be no physical differance in appearance in a cauldron that is boiling and a normal cauldron of water, nor will the appearance change when the boiling time is at the perfect time so you will need to stay vigilant. Minecraft time is somewhat distorted so you can't rely on a timer. Instead to check the time a cauldron has been boiling for, right click it with a clock and a message will appear in the chat and will say "Tjis cauldron has been boiling for ___ minutes." or "This cauldron has just started boiling." if it has been under a minute. Once it reaches the right time take the brew out with empty bottles, each cauldron makes 3 bottles worth. After you have your bottles some drinks need to be distilled or aged or become the actual drink. Potion stands are used for distilling and barrels are used for aging.


Distilling is a simple process that requires little effort, to distill first place a single glowstone dust in a potion stand and put your drinks in it once a distill run is complete it will automatically start the next run, this does not require any fuel and the glowstone dust will not be consumed. The actual distilling process is a bit slow but unlike boiling and aging it will stop at the correct number of distill runs, or sometimes one more than the recipe requires, but this doesnt effect the quality. Everytime a drink gets distilled a number will appear beneath the name of the drink, number is the concentration of alcohol in ML that the drink contains, it rises with each distill. If you distill a drink that should not be distilled it will become a "Undefinable Distillate".


The aging process takes place in barrels, it can happen in a normal minecraft barrel but only 6 drinks can be put in those. This plugin comes with its own barrels that must be built not crafted, they have 2 sizes small and large, small barrels can hold 9 drinks while large can hold 27. Each drink that needs to be aged needs a barrel of a certain woodtype.


small barrels require 8 stairs of 1 wood they are 2 wide, 2 long, and 2 tall. place the stairs in a tube shape the bottom level whould be upside down facing outwards from each other back to backand the top should be back to back upright facing away from each other, then place a sign of any wood in the bottom right corner and write "Barrel" there will be a message in the chat saying a barrel was created. The large barrels take 5 fence posts, 16 stairs, and 18 planks of the same wood type. place 2 fences with one block between them and another 2 directly behind them with 2 blocks of space between, those are the legs, then place a line of 4 planks in between the planks (this will be continued later)