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Getting Started

Getting started with the brewery requires a little bit of setup. You will need the following materials.

  • A Cauldron
  • A piece of netherrack or a campfire
  • Flint & Steel (if netherrack is used)
  • A brewing stand
  • One blaze powder
  • One glowstone dust
  • A clock
  • A Brew Sealing Station

How to set-up your brewing station

Place down a piece of netherrack and light it on fire or a campfire. Then place the cauldron over the fire and fill the cauldron with water, as such:

You will need to refill the cauldron with water for each potion you make. Each cauldron full makes three bottles of drink, like a normal cauldron filling bottles of water.

How to set up your distilling station


The Brewery plugin uses brewing stands to distill. To set up your brewing stand for the plugin, you must place it down like normal wherever you wish it to be. Then, charge the stand with one blaze powder as you would when making vanilla potions. Finally, place one glowstone dust in the top slot of the brewing stand. As long as you do not remove the glowstone dust and use the stand for vanilla potions, the blaze powder charge and glowstone dust will NEVER run out. You only need one.

Now you are prepared to create the most basic of drinks!

How to seal bottles


If you want to store your bottles of alcohol in barrels for longer without damaging them, you will first need to seal them in a Brew Sealing Table. You can craft a Brew Sealing Table by placing 2 Bottles over 4 Planks in a crafting table.

Putting a bottle of alcohol into the Brew Sealing Table will equalize and start it, making it equal to other bottles of alcohol that have been brewed similarly.

Sealed bottles of alcohol cannot be aged or modified any further and they don't show their details anymore.


To begin making ANY drink you must first brew the ingredients together inside of your cauldron.

After the cauldron is over fire and filled with water, you can approach the cauldron with items in your hand and right click the cauldron. The cauldron will consume the ingredients you have placed inside of it. It will then begin brewing.

The cauldron will only brew while the chunk it is in remains loaded. If you exit the chunk but someone else enters it, it will also resume brewing. The cauldron will continue to brew until the potion inside is taken out of it with three glass bottles. A drink that is overbrewed will lose its quality.

To check how long your cauldron has been brewing, right click the cauldron with a clock. A display in the chat will appear to tell you how many real life minutes your cauldron has been boiling.

To take the drink out of the cauldron, right click the cauldron with glass bottles. The drink will go into the glass bottles and might display something like:

  • Indefineable Brew
  • Boiled Herbs
  • Potatomash
  • Milky Water
  • Sugarbrew
  • Apple Cider
  • Fermented Wheat
  • or others to be discovered

If you get one of these items, it's time to move on to aging and distilling your drink.

Aging and Distilling

Many recipes have different qualities and stages of potion. To get the highest length and strength of effects from your drinks, it takes a bit more complicated process to reach those stages.


In your set up brewing stand, after brewing in the cauldron, some recipes will require you to distill the bottles of potion.

In actoin.jpg

To distill your drinks, set them into the brewing stand in the way you would vanilla potions. The brewing stand will automatically distill them as long as it is correctly set up. Some drinks distill faster or slower than other drinks but all drinks will stop distilling once they have reached the maximum amount of distill runs.

Drinks will higher difficulties will require exact amount of distill runs to reach perfect quality, while easier recipes may need less than half of the amount of full distills.


Some drinks will require further aging to reach perfect status. This aging happens in wooden barrels. You can craft two sizes of barrels, small and large. The small barrel holds less than a large barrel but otherwise size does not matter to the recipe.

A small barrel is made with eight wooden stairs as shown in the image.


A large barrel is made with five fences, sixteen wooden stairs, and eighteen wood planks as shown in the image.

To register a barrel for the plugin, simply place one sign on the barrel and write the word barrel in the top line. After that is done you should see a prompt in the chat that you have registered a barrel. Afterward, you can right click on the barrel to open the inventory and put bottles inside, as well as destroy the sign on the barrel. The barrel will stay registered after the sign is destroyed.

Breaking the spigot of a big barrel will cause all of the potions inside to fall onto the ground. Breaking a wooden stair of either size barrel will unregister the barrel.

Different drinks will require barrels of different wood types. Those will be listed in their recipes below. Putting the potions to age in a type of wood other than the one specified will not produce a perfect quality drink.

Aging takes some time to happen, however will only happen if the chunk the barrel is in is loaded. A barrel will continue to age the potions inside of it as long as the potions remain inside and the chunk remains loaded. A drink that is over aged can lose its perfect quality.


In the Brewery Drinks section you can find a list of all the recipes to be found and learned on UltraVanilla. If a recipe has multiple names, that indicates multiple levels of quality, the first being the worst and the last being the best.

Some recipes provided by the plugin and not written by admins do not offer any effects and are purely for drinking fun or cosmetic enjoyment.

Brewing minutes are counted in real time minutes. One year of age in a barrel is equal to one full Minecraft day (or around 20 minutes).

Any recipe that has an alcohol number will increase your drunkenness. This number goes up to 100, at which point you can no longer drink. The more drunk you in get game, your screen will begin to wobble and distort, your character will struggle to walk, and your in game text will become jumbled and distorted. If you log out while very drunk there is a chance to wake up at your /home bed. You can consume milk to remove the effects.


This tutorial was created and written by Gaytopia and edited by Lez_.