Backyard Breweries

From UltraVanilla

Backyard Breweries was the name of a company founded in April of 2020 by SammiWolfGirl after she discovered she could make coffee with the server's Brewcraft mod. A user named TOASTY, also a friend of hers, later joined in and helped out doing odd jobs and brewing when she was away. The first brewery location of the company was started in the backyard of SammiWolfGirl's starter base, giving the company its' name. The first store was opened about a month later in Aurora, named “The Tipsy Horse Tavern” and it quickly became a popular hangout spot on the server. It quickly developed into a place known for throwing parties and having a good time. Soon after the opening ConnorDanky offered up a partnership and gave SammiWolfGirl and TOASTY a store in his town of Gold Spur in exchange for the foot traffic this store was expected to provide. This was the first expansion of the company and TOASTY became the first ever manager of the company. Today Backyard Breweries continues to grow and currently has 5 stores and 4 on the way located in different towns, however, these are mostly defunct and not stocked.