Ultravanilla A.I. Mark 1 "Sheldor"

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Ultravanilla A.I. Mark 1 "Sheldor" is the name of an experimental artificial intelligence sentry, which takes the form of an iron golem guarding the nether hub at new spawn. The golem is equipped with state-of-the-art offensive weaponry. A complicated system of heat-sensing radial scans and quantum impact drivers allow the A.I. to swing both its arms quickly upwards at any threat, dealing significant damage.

Upon its creation, Elon Musk issued a warning about the inevitable consequences of its Sheldors' creation, such as the potential failures of the higher moral reasoning the A.I. must be programmed with in order to determine threats.

The golem itself was discovered alongside a biological player named ShedJr, who claims to be a genuine player. This player claims to have been the one who created the A.I. in the nether hub as both a joke and "neat pet". However, when Sheldor was isolated and questioned about this player, the A.I. claimed to have created the player in a lab using an endermite and bonemeal, in a manner similar to a hommunculus. It is impossible to determine which entity created the other.