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Tumtfjöll is a feudal settlement containing elements of Viking culture. Founded by CheifJumbo in late 2021, the taiga settlement is largely inhabited by Joratrufar, practitioners of the religion Joratruf. As of September 2021, Tumtfjöll has a population of 11.



A religion based around faith in the Joratruf, three mighty Gods who rule over the universe as well as various other beings that populate the universe. Joratrufar is the term used to describe members of this faith. Values and traditions of Joratrufar are passed down orally (via regurgitation), making it difficult for historians to record an "established" scripture:

"These are called the Rites of Life. Generosity, Bravery, Honor, Courage, Compassion, Hospitality, Temperation,Passion, Discipline, and Loyalty These are to be upheld by all Joratrufar, as the Gods will it."

The Three Realms

"Elltun: Home of the Dragon and great cities in which the Gods reside."

"Manngurd: Home of Men"

"Niifa: Realm of the undead and the portals of Magik, which can be found on Manngurd."

"These realms were created when the King of Gods, Midol, let his dog Snuki and cat Snalli loose to play, and they tore up his body, creating each realm from his flesh, bones, and hair."

The Gods

"These are the three Gods which all Joratrufar worship. They are revered and control all things."

"MIDOL The King of Gods, the Allfather Depicted as: Large dark giant with all black armor, a pointed helmet, eagle, crow, raven, or a dragon. His armor has four magical totems on them, allowing him to see 3 realms, and focus on an individual creature. He is blind. Often seen with battle axe. - Ruler, protector, and father of all Gods and Humans - God of Kings and rulers - God of law and morality - God of courage, strength, power, bravery - God of both GOOD and EVIL, balance, war - God of intelligence, wisdom, knowledge - God of death, dark and light - God of family, friends, parties - God of fatherhood - God of honor, discipline, loyalty - God of justice - Ruler of the three realms. He sees all things. He swung his axe upon his fingers and two were cut off, creating his two children, the other two deities. Keeps watch of the Rites of Life using Snuki and Snalli, his pet dog and cat. Commander of ‘heavenly warrior servants’, known as the Torfdums, who watch over mortals and guide them."

"JUVEN The Daughter of MIDOL and the Goddess of Civilization Depicted as: Pale skinned, beautiful woman with flowing red hair, and red eyes. She usually has a blue cloth draped around her arms, while she holds a clock in one hand and a tool, usually a farming hoe in the other. - Goddess of life - Goddess of domesticated animals, harvest, farming - Goddess of farmers, builders, miners, really any occupation that has to do with non-leadership - Goddess of fertility, childbirth, family, creation - Goddess of crafting, art, baking, cooking, music, weaving, clothing, smithing, armor, tools - Goddess of love, passion, beauty, vision - Goddess of the moon and sun - Goddess of time - Goddess of healing, medicine, order - Goddess of exploring, adventuring, mapping - Goddess of motherhood, sisterhood, daughterhood She trained two mules, Atti and Akki to pull the sun and the moon across the sky."

"BODDTHI The Son of MIDOL and the God of Man Depicted as: Tanned man with green, flowing hair, sometimes dreadlocked. He has one bright eye and one dark. In his hands, one is dark holding fire and the other is blue, holding water. He is usually covered in shrubbery. - God of nature, seasons, rivers, oceans, lakes, seas, sky, stars, water - God of life - God of fate - God of fire, weather - God of disease, plague, harm, disasters - God of bandits, thieves, slaves, law breakers, murderers - God of chaos - God of trickery, deceit, deception, dishonesty - God of brotherhood, son He is both revered and feared by mortals for his two sided nature."

Idol of Midol
Idol of Boddthi
Idol of Juven