Stellarium Labs

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Stellarium Labs is Astrea's primary base. It contains a variety of farms, many of which will be documented at a later time.

As Astrea is not a builder, the base uses primarily cobblestone due to the immense efficiency of the cobblestone generator. There are currently no plans to properly decorate the base.

The base is connected to the Outpost nether highway system - it is currently the last destination on the green path before the ice ends.

Current and Potential Future Projects

  • Expand the Moss/Bonemeal Farm: the farm itself is modular... but requires a lot of resources to built each module. Only one module has been built, but it's quickly becoming apparent that the tree farms simply need more than what is currently being produced.
  • Better Super Smelter: the current one does its job, but it could be expanded and linked to a bamboo farm.
  • New Mob Farm: the current one was made as a beginner's tool - it's clear that it no longer supports the throughput it needs to do. The idea is to use more modern and less primitive designs to do so.
  • New Potato and Carrot Farm: the current one produces enough, but cannot be expanded in any form beyond making new farms.