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RiverRun is the name of the base set up by Mr._Byzantine, located to the north of Sceptered Isles.

The base was founded in early 2020, likely March, when TheShyPig invited Mr._Byzantine to check out UltraVanilla (and he finally got around to doing so).

The current extent of the base comprises the plains biome, adjacent coastal forest and rivers, as well as surrounding mountains and portions of plains and spruce forest in the locale.

Several other bases are known to exist in the region, yet it is unknown whether or not such are still being used.

RiverRun saw its initial buildup during early 2020, as Byz designed and built his birch bungalow overlooking a lake at the chosen site. Farms followed soon after, being small in scale, along with a rudimentary boat dock across the main river. The second active period involved mapping the region and lighting the immediate area around the Bungalow as an Estate. It also saw the construction of additional farms and a basic block-boat dock.

The third period of activity was sparked in late October 2020 by Byz inviting one of his friends, BakunBoi, to enjoy the server. The newcomer quickly picked up the pace, making his own house, vastly expanding the submerged mine, and conducting terraforming projects reminiscent of speed-running. His technological progress has seen terraforming of the lake and hillside chosen for his house. Activity continued for 2 months, with the two working in tandem to build up the base into a self-sufficient operational center.

The period between late 2020 and mid 2023 has seen incremental improvements to the base, with a renovation of the dock house, beachfront, and primary barn as of the 18th of June 2023.