Racengan's Park

From UltraVanilla

I know of a place, a magical place, a wonderful place. The Park, the Park, the Park!

Truly, any nature lover will enjoy what Park has to offer. One might even call it a giant botanical garden with several buildings artfully woven into the carefully crafted landscape. Getting to Park is a challenge,as it is quite a ways west of Spawn, and close to nowhere.

Their town drink, Park's Delight, is truly everything it claims to be. Tasting like the finest cross between a high quality wine and a fine fidelity beer, if such a thing even exists, you'll hardly notice the landscape become even more vivid than you could have imagined. A general unsteadyness then creeps in, and you cannot even fathom worrying about leaving. The pure magesty of the drink is such that you cannot keep it to yourself, and the constant swirlings of the terrain, both real and hallucinated, ensure that your hangover will be torturous, if even recallabke by a sober you.

So come on down to Park, where a good time can be had by all!