NYE Spectacular

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NYE Spectacular is a series of events that take place in Alliance City on New Year's Eve.

The events feature large fireworks displays, games, and other activities. They are the showpiece event of AC and are generally very well attended and recieved.

NYE Spectacular

The first event took place on December 31, 2020 in the city's Central Park.

The event started with casual games such as tennis, raffles and drinks. Several speeches were then delivered from the platform attached to the Christmas tree.

For the countdown to the fireworks show, Auld Lang Syne was played using a noteblock song. As the show started, fireworks were set off in a perimeter around the park. At the end of the show, the park's Christmas tree was destroyed in a large explosion.

NYE Spectacular 2

The second show took place on December 31, 2021 and was larger in scope than the previous year.

To begin, the event introduced the first annual UV Awards Show which took place in a purpose-build theatre room. The Awards Show would later be split into its own event.

At the end of the awards show, players exited onto Casanova Beach and watched a large clock count down to sunset. The fireworks lasted longer, with more machines involved and better music choreography.

At the end of the show, three withers emerged from underneath the beach.

NYE Spectacular 3: Festival of Light

The third and most recent show took place on December 31, 2022 and was the most ambitious yet. It is the only event so far to not have taken place in the City Center, instead being held in Synthvale.

A giant Monopoly board was built underground for the first part of the event, with players competing for lore prizes and diamonds. End-of-year speeches were given at the conclusion of the game.

Players gathered in the middle of the board, and were raised up into a large new stadium by a redstone elevator. A giant clock and music counted down to the fireworks.

The show itself featured even more fireworks, plus a light show and once again improved choreography. The finale of the show caused significant FPS lag from the amount of fireworks.

At the end of the show, five wardens were dropped from the heavens by a mysterious being known as "The Overlord".

2023 Event

More details on the 2023 event will be revealed soon.