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Liria, second-to-last home of thewindmillman, the magnificent castle nestled into the mountains, the domain of a true megastructure drafter and redstone mastermind, lies dormant. Situated far beyond the realms of your average traveler, further west than you can ever hope to know by the overworld, it lies in wait. A small village was lifted out of the water and dubbed Meander, where the local populace was given ample housing and crops in anticipation of future trade ventures. An elevated rail was constructed between Meander and a small sheltered island base Byz called his own for several weeks, and hosted two of his nephews for a time. As the days grew long and Byz toiled about, his thoughts would drift to what became of thewindmillman, how he was a prodigy among builders and a figure of controversy among operators. The thoughts recounted the time these two has spent together; the troll build that started a lifelong friendship, the towns they built and broke through servers, and the megaprojects that Wind would love to undertake.

Liria began life as such a megaproject. On another server, the land grant awarded in a continental treaty gave Byz and Wind's nation all the land it could ever want, even if it wasn't what was desired. Ever in motion, Wind swiftly added a new project to his roster; building the ruins of an ancient kingdom, which he called Liria. From a mountaintop hidden base to a massive glacial lake, a miniature Tower of Babel and a mansion to put the Woodlands to shame, Wind embarked on his latest foray into megastructures. The region was abandoned with the server after 4 months of inactivity, after which point even Wind no longer returned for the foray.

Byz rekindled the idea by inviting Wind to Ultravanilla, where he promptly resumed the megastructure-base streak, this time with a specialization in redstone engineering. Auto farms bigger and more efficient than Youtubers could dream of were found in the middle of nowhere to reduce lag, and then on the nether roof for peak performance. When 1.18 brought a map expansion to the table, Wind sought to revive Liria with an eager Byz at his side. No matter a settlement called Illyria already existed, this place would be too far away for any of that to matter.

And then, nothing mattered. Wind's last season of burnout proved to be his undoing. While the person behind the persona chose to take a hiatus from minecraft and focus on their real life, the character they had created left behind a legacy. From dreams unrealized came the fact that Wind was no more, gone from the latest place he called home. While two platforms, a litany of materials crammed into shulkers and a map wall remain at the site, the endless burning of torches shall welcome him back under a new name at some point in the future.