Galleries Trust

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The UltraVanilla Galleries Trust is an organisation focused on preserving UV History and ensuring a smooth and balanced flow of co-operation between historical display owners.

The organisation is due to be HQ'd at the Spawn docks


Museums on UV have been around since 2019, however in 2023 with the auctions and the renovation of the Rotherhythe World Museum, a new wave of new interest for historical items came along. This presented a challenge for museums going forward, facing the risk that all historical items may end up lost or owned entirely by one collection, which threatens the interest of future museums to encourage town growth. To combat this, a small trust was formed.

How the trust works

When a museum registers with the gallery trust, it will be applicable for the benefits of it. Some of these include participating in the donation scheme and rotating gallery scheme.

Donation Scheme

The Donation scheme is a joint effort to assemble a fund. This fund will be used by galleries to afford and pay off rare items that may appear in auctions to bring them into public display.

Rotating Gallery Scheme

The Rotating Gallery scheme involves galleries routinely rotating some of their displays. This involves moving some of their display items to other UV Galleries in exchange for receieving a new batch.

Museums involved

Currently there are two museums involved in the gallery trust, but this can expand in the future by museums signing up

  • Book Club's UltraVanilla Museum
  • Solitude Map Museum