Five Rivers

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Five Rivers (previously known as Four Rivers (before that it was called the Northwestern Nation) and also known as 5R) is an oasis settlement and mining town located near to new spawn. 5R is entirely surrounded by desert and has water supplied by four natural rivers of varying size, and one aqueduct. It is founded and constructed by Natofthese (Natalie). Architectural style is Brutalist, with a focus on stone and cement-like blocks.


5R offers a 3/3 tunnel which travels west and then south, connecting directly to the Alliance City public mines. An additional tunnel travels directly south from Storage-Main to Skylord's residence to the south. Both of these tunnels also function as branch mines, with most of the walls notched to show where branches should be formed, and torches pre-placed, with all hazards mitigated.


  • Central-Main is a currently-under-construction square building which will be the focus of the settlement. A simple grid pattern road cutout and flat area is available for future expansion. (Road design is currently in planning)
  • East Aqueduct - construction completed on July 25, 2020, this 5-wide, 2-tall (flow-area) well-lit channel provides a significant water source from a villager spring hundreds of blocks to the northeast. It is currently being back-filled with water prior to being placed in service. Since the aqueduct is considered a human-made river, the name of the settlement was changed from Four Rivers to Five Rivers.
  • Following completion of the aqueduct, an iron farm will be placed into service by employing villagers who will travel via the East Aqueduct on boats.
  • Pillager outpost is entirely surrounded by a cobblestone wall in preparation for any farming or activities which may require Pillagers. The outpost will remain intact.
  • Beacons are available to increase mining speed
  • Planned project: 5R Mining Headquarters (we will offer beacon-boosted mining services for free in exchange for a negotiable portion of the mineral rights. Branch mine extensions or transportation tunnels from 5R will be entirely free and all mined minerals from new 3x3 tunnels given to the connecting cities as a gesture of good-will (ores later mined from the branches will not be subject to this agreement, but will instead be subject to normal server rules based on land claims).