Death Messages

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This is a list of custom messages that can be generated when a player runs /suicide or /die. Suggest more here.

It is also possible to create your own custom death message(s) using /suicide {message}

Survival Server Death Messages

[Player] freaking died
[Player] stepped on legos and died instantly
To be or not to be? [Player] chose not to be
[Player] was sent to the shadow realm
After years of tax fraud, [Player] was shot via firing squad by the IRS
[Player] freaking cringed at you so hard and died bro
[Player] tried to out-pizza the hut
[Player] froze to death in Valhalla
[Player] drowned in Waterthorn
[Player] tried launching a Cara rocket using imperial measurement units
Just got a call from [Player]'s partner... They just died in their sleep 10 seconds ago... RIP
[Player] contracted 2020 novel prions disease and their whole body crystallized
[Player] went into orbit, the stupid mutt!
[Player] ascended after consuming silica gel
[Player] said the people could eat cake. The people then guillotined them
[Player] was crushed, grinded into tiny pieces, and blasted into oblivion
[Player] tried to rob a bank in GOLD SPUR
[Player] fell off a roof in Cloud City
[Player] tried to sell something in Cara
[Player] refused Robin's gift
[Player] was sanctioned by USUV
[Player] was targeted by Alliance City intelligence agents.
[Player] forgot to equip elytra before swan diving off a roof Cloud City.
[Player] was screenshot while AFK
This is so sad. They buried what's left of [Player] in a soup can.
[Player] drowned in their own tears as they weren't drawn by Eraxa
[Player] was too lazy to type /home bed
[Player] would like to announce to the whole server that they are teleporting to their bed
[Player] failed to feed Akoot bees
[Player] tried eating bees but forgot they were not Akoot so their face swelled up
[Player] couldn't handle how amazing their house looked and died of shock
[Player] ate a Rambutan with KingMatthew506 in the car. RIP
[Player] failed The FitnessGram™ Pacer Test
[Player] ate Kellogg's creeper crunch
[Player] fraud,
[Player] died of a pollen allergy in WestHaven
[Player] was someone's little pogchamp
[Player] is allergic to vanilla
[Player] knew too much...
[Player] knew the true pronunciation of .gif
[Player] :nob:
[Player] pronounced Django with a D
[Player] suffered a heat stroke in Terni
[Player] got turned into fondue
[Player] tried to break into Vault 11
[Player] found a secret facility and got trapped to death
[Player] got ratioed
[Player] dabbed too hard
[Player] ate Sosig Surprise
A slab of cooked pork fell on [Player]'s head, snapping their neck and killing them instantly.
[Player] was sent to the spirit realm by the Wuxi Finger Hold.
[Player] failed to show their fishing license to the police.
[Player] tried to combustion bend.
[Player] ate too much Danish pastry.
[Player] tried to mess with the Lego Island pizza mafia
[Player] got smacked, pounded and beat into the ground with a broom
[Player] pushed a button in Redstone Island
[Player] posted memes in general
[Player] imagined what laying an egg would be like
[Player] bought Minecraft Bedrock Edition for Windows 10.
[Player] committed unexistment
[Player] threw an Ender Pearl and got sent to Brazil
[Player] ran out of gas on an Autobahn
[Player] threw an Ender Pearl and got sent to Brazil
[Player] died from fatal insomnia because they were too lazy to right-click a bed
[Player] gave steve a diamond
[Player] did slugtime and couldn't get up
Finally, [Player] found out the meaning of 416 and died peacefully of old age
[Player] insulted Perci
[Player] got the blue death message
[Player] made a lovely little house in Naval Detroit
[Player] died from a Christmas tree explosion
[Player] got lost in the backrooms
[Player] thought marmalade was real
[Player] played hide and seek so well they were never found
[Player] owed money to Cyp R Us'
[Player] suggested a bad custom role
[Player] fell into the river in Alliance City
[Player] refused to join The Book Club
intimidated, [Player] just decided nah not today ty
[Player] was whisked away to the Evergreen grotto.
[Player] joined the yellow cult
[Player] was picked as the ice hockey puck in Rotherhythe
[Player] got lost in the Stams maze
[Player] didn't join Totemia
[Player] built a border wall in Southern Hollow
[Player] died mountaineering in the cliffs of La Cueva
[Player] tried to revive Polaris
[Player] couldn't pay for their auction lot
[Player] got locked in the Sosong insane asylum
[Player] was disqualified from an Olympics event
[Player] decorated spawn for the wrong season
[Player]’s PC couldn't handle the terrain at Outpost
[Player] forgot to set home and now has to walk back lol
[Player] heard the tragedy of Birch Town
[Player] was buried alive in the Malbork catacombs
[Player] was stuck in chunk hell
[Player] scared everyone away with their skin and died of sad
[Player] asked for admin perms
[Player] got burnt out by attempting to walk to the world border
[Player] didn't know about original spawn
[Player] opened a shop in Aurora instead of Borealis
[Player] had a really bad deadache
[Player] listened to McDonalds playplace slowed & reverb
[Player] visited the Eden graveyard
[Player] despawned
[Player] was teleported to the anarchy bedrock cube
[Player] drank a cringe potion
[Player] tasted the rainbow
[Player] was one in a krillion

Creative Server Death Messages

Note: only creative server unique death messages are shown. The creative server has many duplicate messages from the survival server.

[Player] pasted a schematic too quickly
[Player] ran out of Google Cloud credits
[Player] meant to log on to the main server
[Player] replaced their entire build with air
[Player] accidentally build a house
[Player] messed with the config files
[Player] tried to fly in survival mode
[Player] tried to go to the nether
[Player] tried to go to the end
[Player] used the wrong plot commands
[Player] visited Spaghettatron's plot
[Player] built something they will never actually use
[Player] had a taste of true power and abused it
[Player] would rather just play survival
[Player] had amazing idea what to make... and forgot it
[Player] went to their own creative world instead of here smh

Death Message Requests

You may suggest new death messages in the table below. Please follow these rules for death message requests:

  • If you wish to have parts of the message formatted (colors etc), say how in the notes column.
  • No NSFW suggestions.
  • References to things on or associated with the server are preferable!
  • Try to avoid things already mentioned in an existing MOTD.
Death Message Creative or Survival? Notes
[Player] tried so hard to think of an example message their brain imploded Survival all in white so people get blinded
[Player] lost 7-1 to Germany Survival 'Germany' in German flag colours, 7-1 in green (closest to brazilian flag)
[Player] ran sudo rm -rf / ‎Survival 'sudo rm -rf /' in green, like old versions
Oh wow. [Player] just had an internet outage. :( ‎Survival 'Oh wow.' in gold, ':(' in red, everything else in white