Cyp R Us

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Context and evolution of the shop

Started by Hyp3rion_, Toasty, and Marbz_ originally in January 2022, Cyp R Us began as an evolution of Hyp's Shop (the Outpost one), which itself was a successor to Hyp's original shop in Aurora. Later in April 2022, Cyprus Executives started CLOUD 69 to gain some presence in Borealis, and Cyprus Services Exchange was started in May 2022 in the same building the original Outpost Hyp's Shop was located.

Now, operating in 3 locations, Cyp R Us, CLOUD 69, and Cyprus Services Exchange essentially function as 3 distinct but interrelated businesses with some overlap but individual purposes. Cyp R Us carries the broadest selection of goods of any shop on the server, CLOUD 69 has exclusive pre-enchanted custom netherite gear and other enchanted gear, as well as other "best-of" Cyp R Us products, and Cyprus Services Exchange offers diamonds in exchange for goods and services, such as sand, netherite, sponge rentals, elytra purchasing, build commissions, concrete conversion, and an online AFK delivery Pay Desk.

Goods sold at Cyp R Us

Cyp R Us has many different types of products it sells. This is not exactly an exhaustive list but it should give you a good idea of what there is on offer:

  • All enchanted books
  • All potions
  • Beacons
  • Most useful redstone products pre-crafted and in large quantities
  • Shulker shells
  • Nether quartz
  • Iron blocks
  • Gold blocks
  • Glass
  • All types of wool
  • All types of dyes
  • Common mob drops such as gunpowder, arrows, string
  • Barter farm products such as blackstone, gravel, soul sand, spectral arrows, fire charges, obsidian, crying obsidian, nether bricks
  • Glowstone