Builders Isle

From UltraVanilla

(Note: This piece is not intended to be taken seriously, as it chronicles the history of a Builders Isle from a different server)

Builders Isle was the first base of the faction Builders, on the server YBGamez, active 2011-2013. The faction was led by Mr._Byzantine (then known as Byzantine15) and was located on an islet no larger than an average American house, separated from the mainland by a shallow floodplain. The main building of the island was a large brick house, two floors tall with enough room for 3 to 4 people to live comfortably. The basement of the site held storage and hidden farms, enabling the faction to remain relatively compact while being self-sustaining. The faction grew from 3 initial members to 15, with smaller oak huts being erected on the remainder of the island and the mainland. Underground apartments were dug out, with plans being made to relocate farter away from the spawnpoint of the server. Such plans were accelerated into motion by a raid conducted by the Hobgoblin faction, who brutally murdered 2/3rds of the faction members despite initial statements of neutrality and self-defense. The raiders burned out the wooden foundations of the brick structure, along with the ramshackle rollercoaster that had been erected around the structure. The brick walls caved in and nearly collapsed the building before it was stabilized, slowly sinking into the muddy soil. A new base was established several dozen kilometers to the north, albeit still within range of a warp from spawn. It would become the factions' new home, renamed to Explorer Base.

(My reddit has several stories about my minecraft history available, if you're interested.)