Abyssal Caverns

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Abyssal Caverns (AKA Abyssal), is an underground, modern style, city. The city will be divided into four floors, with each floor behaving like a massive district. The town was founded by Teslawolf38, on October 4th, 2020. The town has decided to adopt a modified democratic government, with teslawolf38 as "President of the Abyss", with TO45TY & CalebDHawk as "Vice President of the Abyss". The town's main attraction will be "The Pit", a small 1v1, PvP Arena, which holds regular tournaments, in which bets can be made, and 41.6FM "The Ravine", the server's first "radio station". The town is to be completed by March 2021.

Above Ground

This is the area above Abyssal Caverns, and can be accessed by "The Ramp", some of the things found above Abyssal Caverns are:

  • 41.6FM "The Ravine" Radio Tower

Floor 4

This floor contains player housing and the entrance to above ground, players seeking a plot to build their house, please contact the Department of Land Affairs.

Floor 3

This floor contains recreational areas, and government areas.

Recreational Areas

  • Void Park
  • The Pit
  • Possible Bar
  • 41.6 FM "The Ravine" Radio Station

Government Areas

  • USUV Meeting Room
  • Abyssal Bank & Vault
  • Abyssal Caverns Courthouse
  • The Voidal Library
  • Entrance to the Abyssal Void
  • Community Storage
  • Department of Land Affairs
  • Department of Transportation
  • Department of Commerce
  • Department of Civil Services

Floor 2

This floor contains the Abyssal Caverns Shopping District. Players looking for a plot to build their shop, please contact the Department of Commerce.

Shopping Catalogue:

Red Station Green Station Purple Station White Station
Blue Station Yellow Station Pink Station Black Station

Floor 1

This floor contains The Abyssal Metro, The Abyssal Cavern's Portal Room, Abyssal Water Treatment Plant, Abyssal Nuclear Power Plant, Abyssal Waste Disposal Plant, and other civil services.

The Abyssal Metro (AM)

The Abyssal Metro (AM) is a Ice Boat Highway System, consisting of 2 tracks, Inner and Outer, and 8 Stations, 4 Grand Stations (Red, Green, Purple, and White), and 4 Sub-Stations (Blue, Yellow, Pink, and Black). The Inner line travels Counterclockwise and the Outer Line travels Clockwise. Grand Stations can access every floor, while Sub-Stations can only access the bottom 2 floors. Any issues with the metro should be reported to the Department of Transportation.

The Pit (Rules & Regulations)

The Pit (Betting Rules)

The Abyssal Void